Evictions and Leases

LAZARRAGA & HINOJOSA ABOGADOS works first to try to reach an agreement between the parties, but if not possible, then a legal claim is recommended without delay, to obtain the precedent that will result in the defendant’s eviction at the expense of the defendant.

LAZARRAGA & HINOJOSA ABOGADOS has extensive experience in evictions, in all kinds of processes, for breach of lease contracts, for non-payment of rent, expiration of the contractual or legal term and other circumstances that may occur.

We not only defend the interests of the owner, but also the tenant who hires the professional services of LAZARRAGA & HINOJOSA ABOGADOS LAWYERS urging the termination of the contract and claiming damages when necessary for the breach of the landlord.

If you are in a situation where your tenant does not pay the monthly payments, or that you need advice, our team of expert leasing lawyers will advise you to ensure you achieve the greatest benefit, in the shortest time possible.

Our firm offers services in all kinds of evictions. Preparation and review of all types of rental contracts (housing, seasonal, business premises), contractual extensions, subleases, works, non-payment of rent, contract resolutions and all types of rental procedures.