Inheritances and Wills

LAZARRAGA & HINOJOSA ABOGADOS advises you to clear your doubts and anticipate conflicts that may arise in the future.

LAZARRAGA & HINOJOSA ABOGADOS offers its services, in order to avoid unnecessary problems to their heirs, in the absence of a will and other circumstances, which bring family problems as a consequence, which can be avoided with the efficient advice of our lawyers specializing in wills and inheritances.

Except in the simplest cases it is generally advisable to engage a solicitor to make a will. You can make your own will using pre-printed will forms which are available from stationery shops.

The will should appoint an executor who will deal (administer) with your estate.

Your estate includes all money, property and possessions owned by you.
If the estate is large and complicated it may be wise to appoint a professional executor such as a solicitor, or a professional executor, who will charge for the work.

LAZARRAGA & HINOJHOSA ABOGADOS will help you to write your will and to challenge if necessary. They can advise when there is no will and complete all the procedures until a satisfactory end has been reached for the client, trying to reconcile the interested parties during the process. In the case of there being judicial actions, we will assist with the precautionary measures of securing assets, and act until the final partition of the inheritance and the adjudication of the relict assets, including the fiscal services to liquidate the inheritance tax and patrimony.