Advice on buying a property in Costa del Sol

Lazarraga & Hinojosa Abogados. Legal advice on buying a property in Costa del Sol

Lazarraga & Hinojosa Abogados offers advice on buying and selling real estate, on your real estate investments in the Costa del Sol, the rest of Spain and abroad if necessary.

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Our team is known for providing a personalised service to our clients and for our commitment as professionals.  We have over 25 years of experience specialising in Real Estate. So we can offer you the best legal advice on buying a property in Costa del Sol.

Lazarraga & Hinojosa Abogados: In defence of your rights,

whether in purchases, licenses, or any other matter related to leases,breaches by some of the parties,

such as non-payment of rent, lack of conservation, non-consensual works, subleases, etc.

Our experience in selling a property in Costa del Sol ensures you avoid any possible pitfalls, our lawyers are experts in legal advice on buying a property in Costa del Sol, and we are used to managing every aspect of the sale.

First of all, we protect your interests, our experience and expertise let us avoid any pitfall so that you can buy the property in Costa del Sol that you have been dreaming of without any unexpected complications.

To avoid problems in the acquisition of real estate, Lazarraga & Hinojosa Abogados advises you on each of the legal aspects, in order to avoid future conflicts and ensure an effective real estate operation.

Our clients will be kept informed at every stage of the process. We believe that our client needs to be completely informed to feel confident.

A landlord who wishes to lease property to a tenant will often consult a lawyer for assistance in drawing up a lease, or on the other hand, might ask a lawyer to review the terms and conditions of the lease before entering into any agreement. Both will require the services of legal counsel in the event of serious dispute concerning a lease.

Lazarraga & Hinojosa Abogados. Your best option in legal advice on buying a property in Costa del Sol.

Our specialised advisors can provide assistance with all related local issues, we are completely familiarized with:

  • Legalising buildings on land classified as rural.
  • Legal advice on all kinds of property investments.
  • Legal advice for developers and construction companies
  • Arranging a mortgage.
  • Preparing legal reports and construction defect claims.
  • First registration of properties with the Land Registry Office and reconstruction of the chain of title.
  • Preparing contracts and public documents.
  • Division of marital assets and liabilities and dissolution of joint ownership.
  • Applying for temporary residence permits in Spain as a result of purchasing properties worth more than five hundred thousand euros.

Lazarraga & Hinojosa Abogados efficiently defends the buyers of real estate, whose rights have been violated, acting against the promoter, Construction Company and other parties, until full remedy has been received by the client.

Our Real Estate Lawyers can be a helping hand when dealing with all these processes.

Our main goal is buying the best property for you and your family in the best place, the Costa del Sol. We can also help you recover your property occupied by another person without any legal title, supporting the eviction by raising criminal charges against the illegal occupants.

Lazarraga & Hinojosa Abogados. Your best Legal Advice on buying a property in Costa del Sol. A service you can trust.

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Lazarraga & Hinojosa Abogados. Don´t hesitate and contact us. We work hard to protect your interests.