LAZARRAGA & HINOJOSA ABOGADOS helps British citizens in the problems that arise as a result of “Brexit”, as a result of the future departure of the United Kingdom from the European Economic Community.

We help you in obtaining Spanish nationality for British residents.

Advice on health related problems, work questions, pensions and divorce, and issues arising as a result of moving to a new location.

We intervene in legal advice for the purchase and sale of real estate, investments, and commercial facilities both abroad and in Spain.

If Brexit is concluded, many Britons will have to apply for work and residency permits; and, if they are already retired, they must apply for a non-profit residence, with which they must present a certificate that they have no criminal record, retain a minimum of 27,000 euros in the banks and have the correct medical certificates. Everyone will be asked to prove they have independent financial means.

Lazarraga & Hinojosa can advise on the correct steps to take, either during the period of transition, or after your departure from Great Britain; circumstances all of which require the appropriate decisions at all times, covering property, residency, residency rights, taxation, even in matters of inheritance (since the Community Directive by which residents no longer work British in Spain could choose to be in accordance with the succession laws of their nationality), anticipating the new situation and regularization, using the inalterable tools of Private International Law, and agreements or treaties with validity and international validity.

1.-Expat or Foreign support
In this focus area we provide legal support in the following areas:

  • Legal advice on application and renewal of all types of residents permits
  • NIE Applications (foreigner Spanish tax number)
  • Resident Registration Certificates for UE citizens
  • Spanish tax resident certificates
  • Spanish Nationality applications
  • Invitation letters

Appeals of all resolutions in immigration Matters, including litigation.
In addition an increasing area of support is to work for English citizens who have problems as result from the departure of the UK from the European Community arising from the Brexit referendum.

We can get Spanish nationality for British people, assisting with the health, labour, pension and divorce issues that arise as a result of the movement to new locations.