Criminal Law

LAZARRAGA & HINOJOSA ABOGADOS offers you an efficient defense, in order to obtain a satisfactory result for your interests, for which it is very important to put yourself in the hands of specialist lawyers who offer you an optimal strategy from the beginning, as do our lawyers.

LAZARRAGA & HINOJOSA ABOGADOS are specialized criminal lawyers with extensive experience, who act interchangeably in defense or accusation, as the case may be, in all types of criminal offenses, such as fraud, economic crimes, money laundering, prevarication, bribery, crimes against public health, injuries, homicides, domestic violence, traffic safety, etc.

Legal advice in the criminal field is one of the most important for the future life of the client, because a bad advisor can bring disastrous consequences for you.

LAZARRAGA & HINOJOSA ABOGADOS, advises you to hire the best legal advice from the first moment. For this reason, we do not advise you to go without a lawyer before “routine” calls at the police station, to meet with a police inspector, regarding matters that suddenly lead to your unexpected arrest and
loss of liberty.