About us


The background and experience of our attorneys make our firm exceptionally qualified to handle your legal matter. We have intervened in well-known cases, such as “Minutes”,quot;Malaya”, “Operation Nilo”, Julian Muñoz prison treatment (permits and third degree), obtaining their acquittal, as well as the defense of other former councilors of the City of Marbella in crimes against the ordination of the territory.

The Lazarraga & Hinojosa lawyer team provides its clients with innovative and top-level legal solutions for a large number of situations. We offer first-rate services for all your legal needs. That is our vision, to combine first-line legal services through a personalized and customer-focused approach. As an example, obtaining the return of the money invested by our clients in the “Santander Securities” and other banking products of high investor risk, in other cases, obtaining important sums for our clients as a consequence of  labour dismissals, urging demands in defense of Fundamental Rights.


Pablo is a lawyer with extensive experience in various legal matters. Through
his great capacity for work and analysis of the various issues that arise, and due to his ability to apply his legal knowledge and extensive practical experience in the legal profession he has achieved excellent results for our clients.

His professional work began more than 25 years ago in a major law firm in Malaga specializing in family law. He has continued to implement his own professional office and through partnership with other professionals, is able to offer a comprehensive legal service, but he always maintains a personalized and close relationship with clients, to gain optimal results.

Pablo is a lawyer of conciliatory character, who always tries to reach a reconciliation, before urging a judicial path, being very strong when the friendly way is not viable, working hard to solve the problems of his clients, in order to obtain the best result for his customers.

He has been specializing in various legal matters, both in family and criminal law, including crimes of murder before the Court of Jury, or banking matters, as well as traffic accidents, communities of owners, inheritance rights, among others, achieving important professional successes.


Criminal lawyer, member of the Bar Association of Malaga since 1999, who works with a team of lawyers from different branches or specialties: Criminal, Civil, Marital, Labour, Penitentiary, Immigration, Divorce, separations, liquidation of community property, evictions, inheritance, banking law (clause ground, claim for mortgage expenses) real estate law, defence of rights of those in administrative litigation against the administration.

Diana Hinojosa Rosales has intervened in the defence of such famous cases such as Case Minutes, Malaya, Operation Nilo, in the defence of Marbella Councillors in crimes against the ordination of the territory. She has defended the councillors and mayor of Marbella Julián Muñoz Palomo for 10 consecutive years. Getting, permission to leave the prison, third grade prison and then the freedom of Julian Muñoz in 2008, accumulating a hundred convictions before the criminal courts to finally achieve final freedom. Julián Muñoz in his book “The crude reality” mentions Diana as one of the best criminal lawyers in Spain.

Diana has worked in serious criminal cases before the Audience Nacional, (extraditions, counterfeit currency, terrorism) the Supreme Court and criminal trials in numerous courts in Spain, such as Madrid, Valencia, Barcelona, Vitoria, Bilbao, Palma de Mallorca , Seville, Cádiz, Algeciras, Almeria, etc.

Diana through her training, advanced legal English, and through having worked in England, specializes in dealing with British clients.