Lazarraga&Hinojosa Abogados are a firm of specialist with offices in Malaga, Torremolinos and Velez Malaga, located on the Costa del Sol .Over 25 years of experience enables our profound understanding of each client’s unique situation and the options possible for the best and speediest resolution.

More than 25 years of experience. We fundamentally believe that your situation is unique, and that we have the experience and dedication that will be invaluable to resolving your challenges.

The philosophy of our law firm is to help our clients with their unique problems, with confidence and security of success, since our motto is that everything is possible in this life, and every case, however difficult it may seem, has a solution for the client to be satisfied. This has happened with many of our clients who have gone through our office, getting them to really change their lives, solving their problems and in some cases even reaching a friendly relationship, since above all we are interested in the client as a person.

The background and experience of our attorneys make our firm exceptionally
qualified to handle your legal matters.